10 tips of eating healthy is easier and cheaper.

Eating health isn’t complicated or fussy. In fact , it is the easiest option if we make it a way of life, a daily habit. 

Its time to erase all our myth about eating healthy.Common myths are eating healthy is expensive, being difficult due to non availability of resources and circumstances at work, travel and so on. But the truth is if we have a will to do so, we can make it easier always: The most common simple ways can be :

1. We should always eat the locally available produce in whichever part of the world we live. Whole grains, pulses, vegetables and fruits which are locally grown, which are in abundance in your region, fresh and not expensive.

2. The most important component in our body is water which comprises of 60 to 70%. So, it is very essential for our body’s wellbeing. Moreover, drinking water is easily and readily available resource in major parts of the world.. And , we know drinking water is a healthy habit. The more we hydrate ourselves, the more healthy is our brain and body, not to forget the added benefit of glowing skin and complexion. But the problem today is we always opt for aerated water, soda, cola and alcoholic drinks. So in fact unhealthy drinking is expensive. If we carry our water bottle , consume more water in a day, not only it is cheap but also simply healthy. 

3. It is not only enough to eat healthy but also to keep a check on the portion of whatever we eat. Not only at home, or work place or wherever we go, we should eat in moderate portion. Eating in moderation is the most essential tip to keep a check on weight. 

4.By now, we have read enough that to stay healthy, we have to curb excess sugar, saturated fat and processed meals. The simple reason is healthy food are preferably raw (in natural state) or not over cooked and when their natural nutrients are restored. So the best option is carry our home cooked meals, fresh veggies and fruits wherever we go. If not possible, then we need to choose the best option available to us.

5.The wisest way of shopping healthy is sticking to our grocery list (buy items which are necessary), Buy unprocessed, generic brands which are less expensive. Sometimes fresh seasonal fruits, veggies, sea fishes are expensive. So frozen fruits and veggies are cheaper options. Off course, fishes and meat should be fresh.Grains pulses, legumes can be brought in bulk to save some amount of money.

6.As mentioned earlier, choice of best option of food easily available is not only wise but at times cheaper. Instead of meat ,switching to beans, pulses are better choices. Instead of junk food, gorging some nuts or a fruit whenever hungry is way better. Instead of dining in a restaurant, celebration at home with home cooked meal is not only cheap but healthier option.

7.Left overs of food are great option to use our creative cooking skill for our next meal time. So the freezer is our great friend..

8.If you have a yard at home, growing your own veggies is a very wise option. If not, at least have  some pots of herbs on your window balcony for ready use.

9.Above all, eating should never be associated with entertainment or pleasure. We eat to live, grow and nourish ourselves. Eating three proper meals a day is more than enough. This is actually the concept of intermittent eating (eating in specific timings).Gorging a fruits or a handful of nuts whenever hungry is just normal craving.

10.Only eating healthy is not enough. Physical activity, exercises, movement of our body are very ,very important to maintain a good health. Lastly, maintaining a calm mind, meditating relaxing are very essential for holistic life. 

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