Post : Liebster award nomination !

Hello friends, I have been nominated for the Liebster award for the second time by I genuinely appreciate him and is thankful to him for the nomination. Jay writes beautiful poetries. I have been following his blog for quite sometime time and enjoy reading his poetries.

Rules for the award 

  • Nominated blogger has to convey thanks to the person who has nominated him/her.
  • Have to answer 11 questions asked by the person who has nominated him/her.
  • The nominated blogger has to nominate other bloggers.
  • The nominated blogger has to prepare his/her 11 questions and ask those to the people he/she nominates.

The questions that he has asked are …

1.What or who is the person you think you will be devastated without ?

I think my family means everything to me. So, the question is answered.

2. How did you start blogging ?

I am passionate about sharing my thoughts on life, health and healing. So, WordPress gives the platform to do so.

3. Favourite food.

I love fresh fruits and all colourful berries.

4. Besides blogging what work you do ?

Professionally , I am a doctor, a health personnel.

5. Do you believe that Ghost exist ?

No, I don’t believe in Ghost. But I believe we have a spirit within all of us.

6. How many members you have in your family ?

Three members, me, my husband and our son.

7. Do you practice meditation ?

Yes, I do practice meditation daily.

8. Are you concerned about water crisis ? If yes than what measures you have been taking to save water ? It may be a small step.

Yes, I am concerned about our environment. I never forget to put off the tap after use wherever I go. I make sure, to put off all lights and taps , whenever I step out of the house.

9. Do you think moral education should be taught along with academic in our school ?

Only teaching moral education in school doesn’t work. Moral values should be taught and inculcated in the child from an early age at both home and at school.

10. If you become the Prime Minister or President of your country for a day, what changes will you bring ?

I would provide free education for all and equal health services available for both rich and poor.

11. Favourite song ?

I love old ABBA songs.

My nominees are

Happiness Inn (Prashanti Alluri)




Traveller with purpose

Pritam Bora

Arun Arpan

the list is long…..

My questions are

  1. What in life, you value most ?
  2. What is your meaning of life, your personal opinion ?
  3. What does happiness mean to you ?
  4. How much importance money holds in your life?
  5. How do you define your nature ?
  6. How much importance do you give to other people’s opinion ?
  7. Do you love travelling ?
  8. Do you give importance to healthy living ?
  9. Are you a fitness freak ?
  10. What is your favourite cuisine ?
  11. What is your favourite drink ?

Thanks a lot for reading.

Much love 💐


Post : Liebster award nomination

Hello everyone. this is the first time , I have been nominated for this particular award. I have been nominated by

I am very thankful to him. And I genuinely appreciate him. I follow his blog regularly. He writes beautiful poems and ‘writes ups’ about life, inspiration and also about the nature. It’s really appreciative for someone like him who is a student to be sensitive to such topics. I applaud him for that.

As per the nomination, he has asked some 11 questions which I am answering…

1.I always had a passion for writing. Working in health sector is a busy life so I have taken a break for sometime as I am in my forties and trying to follow my passion. 

2.I am spiritual person , so I give utmost importance to the divine power. 

3.I think my family loves me the most, my son and my husband. Since, I live in the Netherlands, Indian food aren’t common here. So, I love eating fresh fruits and berries.

4.I don’t play any game. But I love watching lawn tennis. 

5. Well, my best friend is my husband. I do have a couple of close school friends still in touch.

6.Yes, I do meditation daily for a couple of minutes in the morning. It gives me so much peace.

7.There are lot of greeneries here. So, walking down the nature, gives me peace. I firmly believe in healthy living.

8.Yes, I like helping people as far as I can. I have helped people number of times both professionally and personally. Right now, I am being a moral support to my mother after my father’s demise. 

9.I like science and studied science.

10. Well, I don’t have a pet.

11. I think I have no advice to give you, sngms. You are already a wonderful person. Like I advice my son, continue being a good human being in life, don’t let success or failure effect you. Both are temporary. 

Thanks everyone for reading.

Much love.💐

Post: My day long trip to Tarragona😍

Hi, Greetings from I hope everyone is doing great! Today, I am not writing anything about health and healing. I am sharing a wonderful experience with you all.

Just last weekend, on my trip to Spain, I visited a truly amazing old city Tarragona which simply took my breath away for its old Roman architecture charm. Learning about the old Roman culture and not to forget the beautiful blue beaches were truly mesmerising.

A port city in southern Catalonia, Tarragona almost has everything that Spain’s Mediterranean coast has to offer.

It is best known for ancient culture, Roman archaeological sites that date to when this was the most important city in Iberia.The city looks incredible as the way the ruins harmonise with the streets in the old part of the city.
Then, there are the pristine blue beaches just, little away from the city. Some amazing places to look here are Amphitheatre, Les Ferreres Aqueduct (Pont del diable), Cathedral, PortAventura, Spain’s top theme park just down the road.

One day was not enough to cover everything. Unfortunately, it was just a day-long visit. But it was a truly memorable visit. And not to forget the seafood delicacies. Paella was such a wonderful delight.

I have tried taking pictures of whatever I can in my day-long trip to this old charming city. Sharing some of the pictures with you all.🤗

Roman Amphitheatre
Pristine blue beach
This is in Roman mythology, the story of Remus and Romulus, the twin brothers , whose story tells us the founding of the city of Rome and Roman Kingdom.
Roman Cathedral
This is me in the front entrance of the Cathedral.

Post: Rejection is motivating. 4 wonderful ways to handle it.

Rejection in any situation, job, social or romantic is very painful. You feel it’s the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to you. But each one of us at one instance or the other is being rejected for something. It is very much part of life. So, being overly serious about it is not at all required. Being rejected means, you are meant for something different, something else. Never take rejection personally. Maybe the other person has failed to recognise your skill, your value, your worth. Maybe you are not meant for that particular circumstance. The reasons are plenty.

So why don’t we change our attitude towards rejection? If I am rejected by a person or in a situation, that means I am meant for something else, maybe a better situation, or a better person.

1.Acknowledge your pain and let go.
Whenever I am hurt or pained for rejection, it is important to acknowledge the pain as it is very much of me being human. It is necessary to react. If I try to hide or fail to admit, the emotions get trapped within me. But, if I react and acknowledge my pain, it will help me to let go easily and move on fast.

2.Keep believing yourself: You are rejected not because you are not good enough. Maybe you have knocked the wrong door. Maybe the other person failed to acknowledge your worth. You are meant for something different and maybe better.

3. Motivate yourself to thrive: Rejection motivate you more. Now, that you don’t carry any fear of rejection anymore. You are more focused and determined to work harder.

4.Equipped yourself with better strategies: Once you drained out emotionally, face the challenge head-on. Build up more tolerence and strength to work harder. Learn and strategies yourself better and ready for even bigger challenges.

Post: Why do people show off ? 4 interesting facts behind it

Why do people show off? Have I been a show-off myself ever in my life so far? Have you been a show-off sometimes? Let us think and introspect ourselves when and why do we have this behaviour maybe not often but sometimes? Is it good or bad?

So, this is an attempt to explore the facts and the psychology behind this behaviour which is a common thing to see in social circle.

Some weird but funny examples that people normally do to seek attention and show off in social circuit.

Social Media: In today’s time, social media Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are some easy platform where a person can be the complete show-off. He/she puts up pictures to show off the glimpses of their extravagant lifestyle. Now and then, puts up his/her million-dollar car picture, jams up the account with his/her latest holiday destinations pictures, the expensive suite during a hotel stay and so on. This is not enough, some will put up their best pictures in the best outfits in the best locations. What more to show off, one can display his intellectual by putting up all his achievements and lists of degrees earned in social media. People keep looking out and count on for the every ‘like’ they get. You get almost addictive to social medial approval.

Centre of attention: In a group conversation, you try to seek attention by boasting about your achievements, fame, talent and money you have earned. Even if you are in a group of friends, you are not interested in any of their lives, you would only divert every conversation towards your work, your fame even your material possession. Such behaviours of people are not only annoying but even indicate the typical showing off behaviour of the person. Next time, you meet this person, you will either ignore him or keep a distance from him.

Putting up your best: Trying out to look smart and cool so that the crowd gives you attention. You carry your latest gadgets iPhone, MAC and so on, so that people notice you. You put up your best dress, shoes, accessory in a party so that people give you attention. But in reality, isn’t it funny or an insignificant behaviour to flaunt your latest stuff?

Constantly seeking for Compliments: In a social gathering wherever you go, you constantly lookout for people’s attention. You constantly seek out for people’s compliments, praise, applause so that your ego keep boosting up.

Looking down: Your ego and pride puffs up to such an extent that you look down on the friends who cannot effort what you can. You fail to acknowledge and respect them. You forget that they too deserve the same amount of respect and attention as you deserve.

Have we ever try to reason out why do we need to or people around us exhibit such annoying behaviour of showing off?

4 interesting facts :

1.Self-doubt: When do we need to show off? When we feel that others think negatively about us. When we feel that others don’t acknowledge our identity. When we have self-doubt about our presence in a social gathering or within a group of friends. We try hard to impress and seek attention in possible ways. Self-doubt is created when we have low self-esteem, low self-confidence and doesn’t believe in ourselves. It is an internal mental state. Instead of working on our mindset, we try to seek and desire for other people’s attention by our showing off behaviour. Maybe you don’t try to show off with everyone. But to those, with whom your self-doubt starts creeping.

2.Social acceptance: Maybe one of the reasons for ‘showing off’ behaviour is to get social acceptance. Maybe the intention is not all bad. The person just wanted to be accepted in a group of friends. The basic nature of a human being is to be social, in a community or a group. So, when a person does feel that he is still an alien to the group or the gathering, he may start showing off his intelligence, education degrees, talent, achievements or his material possessions to be accepted. You fail to forget that your simple kindness and soberness can get your more friends and social acceptance that ‘showing off’ or your bragging behaviour.

3.Insecurity: When you have some kind of insecurity, maybe with your looks, appearance, financial background or education or anything that bugs you. You try to hide and overshadow your insecurity by showing off. Such examples: A girl having some insecurity with her appearance, looks, will try to show off by putting up her cool dress or a bold statement in a gathering.

A person who had a very decent upbringing in childhood must have developed some insecurity towards his rich friends in school. When he grows up, he would show off his financial achievements or possession whenever he meets up with his friends. He becomes very conscious of his material possessions.

A young or a lonely child who grows up to be the family’s centre of attention will always try to seek attention or show off in a group even if he has grown into an adult now. He will try to seek attention always as he is used to such attention since childhood.

4.Self-importance: Everyone has a narcissistic trait. But some people have it more. They always like to feel superior or better than others. So in a group gathering or conversation, they consciously show off their intellect, boost their achievements. They carry their ego at the tip of their nose and desperately seek for compliments and praise.

The reality behind this mindset of ‘showing off’ behaviour is to impress others, to improve your image in front of others. The intention may not be bad but showing off behaviour can be very annoying and unpleasant. You would always avoid and ignore such a person when you meet him next time.
Therefore, seeking social approval should not go overboard. If you need social approval, you don’t need to show off, your simple kindness and good behaviour can win hearts.

3-2-1 quote challenge

Hi everyone, I have been nominated for 3.2.1 Quote challenge by Prashanti Alluri. Thank you for the nomination. Though I am an experienced medical professional , but a very new blogger, so I have much to learn from all of you.

Prashanti is a wonderful writer and I love following her blog and reading her lively posts. Her blog is

Regarding this challenge, I. have no idea. But as directed by the rules , I am posting 3 quotes on Self control which I guess is the topic of the day.

Quote 2

Quote 3

Happiness Inn | 3R- Refresh, Redesign, and Relaunch from here,enrich your mind and transform positively, Self help initiative

Therefore , my nominations are..


Post : 5 takeaways from failure.

I have failed and you have failed. We all have failed. Yet, when we fail, we are so upset 😭, torn , collapsed that we don’t like trying again. Because none of us like failing in life, at work, at play, in business or even in relationship. But it’s actually the failures that teaches us the most. 5 take aways…

  1. Lesson taught : Failure teaches you the best lesson on why ,how and what went wrong in any task you did. It helps you become intelligent and frame better strategies.
  2. Grounded : It keeps you humble and grounded. Even when you get success , you cannot forget the pain and struggle you went through.
  3. Committed to goals : You are more determined to achieve your goals. Recommits you towards your goal.
  4. Overcome fear: You don’t have fear and insecurity any longer. Its keep you focus rather than anticipating the future or outcome.
  5. Support system : Tough days are good to acknowledge your true friends and family who stood by you and support you.