Post: Masking Personality 😎 3 interesting reasons why we should never mask our personality.

The 3H: health,happiness,healing

Masking is hiding our natural personality to deal with certain deep-rooted insecurities, fear, hurt, pain, sadness or sometimes social pressure/harassment.

You try to hide an emotion or insecurity behind a mask which completely contradicts your true feeling. Like, some examples, when you feel you are not loved, you try to hide behind the mask of being a bully. When you are in pain or hurt, you try to hide behind a mask of anger. In life scenarios too, if you are not happy with a job or in a relationship, you try sometimes to mask your true emotions and act as if everything is fine. But how long can you wear the mask and hide the true feeling? Is it right to live life with your trapped emotions?

3 interesting logical reasons for which you should never hide your emotions.

1.Potential: When you live with a mask, that means you…

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19 thoughts on “Post: Masking Personality 😎 3 interesting reasons why we should never mask our personality.

  1. Yes , by you being you , you add val-ue …
    That is true …
    The ship heading forward joyfully with the crew , …
    The dreams are now here with nothing to pursue , ( you already have them energetically ) …

    Faith is so strong and
    the ocean is blue …
    Expanding together, awareness grew ,
    Yes , Eckhart Tolle , we have got a new earth too ,
    To a new conscious levelΒ  , our minds flew ,
    Jumping higher in degrees like a Kangaroo, …
    Question starts with a Q,
    Answers are here to view ,
    In your awareness to review ,
    Enlightened members are not only a few ,
    But growing in numbers for real and the timing isΒ  ready and due ,

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  2. Through both joy and pain ,
    You transcend , grow and gain,
    Angels with youΒ  remain ,
    Nothing you give goes in vain,
    Your blessings and miracles start to rain ,
    Your love and spirit , they all contain ,
    You move with the flow of life
    Again , again and again…

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  3. I need to share this post with my two adult children. The pressure out there now days to be something other then themselves is Huge. It seems harder for young adults to just be who they are because of the fear of being picked on. Great post, thanks for sharing.

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